There is a revolution happening in website analytics.

With ExactoStats you can focus in on the individual user experience and their interaction with your website. We provide the proper tools needed for website analytics. Everything is onsite and no software is needed.

"To measure is to know...
If you can not measure it,
you can not improve it."
-revolutionary scientist, Lord Kelvin

Imagine the possibilities in your marketing if you could virtually stand over every one of your website visitor’s shoulders and watch while they browse your site.

Aside from recording every movement of the user, you can view overall statistics about the things that matter to you as a website owner or internet marketer. For example, you can view overall averages of how far every user scrolled down each of your pages to pinpoint exactly where the weaknesses in your site. You can also see each users time of entry, the path they took through the site in real time, and how long they stayed on each page. This combination of video playback and analyisis of traffic in real time is an extremely powerful combination. This toolset proves crucial when running marketing and pay-per-click campaigns, and gives a major edge on the competitors. ExactoStats is more than just total hits and clicks, it studies the psychology of how people interact with your website.

It is extremely easy to setup and requires no advanced knowledge about webservers or websites. Just embed one line of javascript code at the top of your website, and you are in business. Imagine how much you are going to be able to improve your conversion rate when you start measuring the effectiveness of user experiences. If you are an affiliate marketer, internet marketer, or sell products of any kind, then ExactoStats is the perfect tool for you.

Right now we are offering a completely FREE TRIAL period so that you may test out the service and agree that is is everything that we claim it to be. Also pay for the year in advance and get two months for free! Setting up an account is extremely easy and literally takes about a minute to do, giving you instant access to a whole new world of opportunity.

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