Watch Videos of Your Visitors

Record and watch complete video playbacks of each visitors entire session while browsing your site. Use this information to better understand how users interact with your site, allowing you to fix an obstacles or turn offs along the way.

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Fine Tune Your Site usability

With the in depth user level knowledge you will gain about your site, it is possible to fine tune it's usability and find/fix the exact places where people are turned away.

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Increase Conversions

When visitors stay longer on your site, they have a better chance of completing your desired goals. This type of optimization has an end result in a higher conversion rate, meaning more profits for your business!

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Analyze Traffic in Real Time

When running marketing campaigns of any kind (such as pay per clicks) it is extremely crucial to be able to see traffic in real time, observing where it is coming from and how effective it is in making conversions. This type of insight allows you to tweak your campaigns for maximum profit.

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